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Ortho Share 3D


Easily import photos, x-rays, & 3D scans

Easily share with colleagues & patients

3D Data
Import photos, xrays, & 3D models for easy access when ordering lab services including clear aligners, IDB, & 3D printing.
Lab Services

Aligner Designing & Fabrication, Digital Indirect Bonding Services, 3D Model Printing, & More


Easy 1,2,3 Process

Our services are
so easy to use!


With Ortho Share 3D™,
just a few steps can 
save you time & money,
while providing high quality results for your patients.

Try Our Turnkey Aligners & Other Services

Step 1
Import your patient's intraoral
* scans, fill out the prescription form, & send the order directly from within the software. Data transfer is highly automated.

Step 2
We process your order & send the virtual models to you for review. You can fine tune the setup if desired - with very easy tools.

Step 3
We complete the order for aligner (or indirect bonding tray) fabrication:

  • We print 3D models & thermoform the aligners on them. Then we ship the finished aligners to you in professional packaging ready to deliver to your patient.

  • or We can print 3D models & ship them for your staff to thermoform the aligners on the printed models.

* Did you say you don't have an intraoral scanner?   No problem . . . 
Ortho Insight 3D desktop laser scanner is an economical alternative for intraoral scanning to capture impressions digitally.
Capture models digitally by using the Ortho Insight 3D®
desktop laser scanner for models & impressions.

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Phone   423-475-6946
Phone   423-475-6946

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