Photos + X-Rays + 3D Data
Integrated in One Place
  • Search patient database that includes 2D images, 3D scans, reports, & treatment plans

  • Easily import photos, x-rays, 3D scans of teeth/models, & 3D facial scans

  • Crop, rotate, & align photos

  • Arrange photos in multiple layouts such as ABO format

  • Print composite of photos

  • Present slideshow of images

  • Overlay grids on images

  • Automatically saves originals

Aligner & Bracket Placement Services
  • Seamlessly send your data to us

  • All- inclusive end-to-end aligner fabrication or be your own lab for 3D printing & aligner fabrication.  We can do as little or as much of the process for you to save your valuable time

  • Eliminates 90% of doctor time doing treatment & aligner design

  • Fast turnaround time so you can deliver aligners to your patients quicker

  • Scientific & biological treatment planning to place teeth in correct relation to patient’s face & skeleton

  • Full aligner calculation, staging, attachments, & IPR recommendations

  • Evaluation of treatment plan for realistic feasibility of treatment

  • Software provides realistic tooth movement to ensure best-fitting aligners

  • Treat a broad range of cases from minor refinements to complex comprehensive treatment

  • Computerized designing of smiles since 1981

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