Easy way to turn models & impressions into digital models

Desktop Laser Scanner
for Models and Impressions

The Ortho Insight 3D® desktop laser scanner helps you quickly, easily, & accurately transform physical models & impressions of patient dentition into 3D digital models.


The 3D model scans can be used for orthodontic treatment planning & setups, aligner design & fabrication, indirect bonding precision bracket placement setups & transfer trays, 3D printing, case presentation, & data archiving.

Dimensions of Ortho Insight 3D desktop laser scanner for making 3D digital models from plaster models & dental impressions.

Capture directly into included orthodontic software for integration of 3D model scans with photos, x-rays, & 3D facial scans to create a virtual patient.

Interior view of Ortho Insight 3D scanner with plaster model on turntable inside & door open.
  • Includes Ortho Insight 3D® Scan software


  • Scan & save models & impressions


  • Scan models in occlusion


  • Eliminate storage fees


  • Eliminate plaster study models from your office


  • Open file format (.STL, .OBJ, .PLY) — easy to transfer anywhere


  • High resolution scans — selectable resolution


  • Extremely easy to use

Specifications for Ortho Insight 3D® Desktop Laser Scanner
Specifications for Ortho Insight 3D scanner include 3 lasers & output of .STL, .OBJ, & .PLY file formats.
Specifications for Compatible Computer System
(Computer and related components purchased separately.)
Use at least an Intel Core i7 computer, 16 GB of RAM, & Windows 7 (SP1) with the Ortho Insight 3D scanner.